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According to the Mayoral Executive Order the Planning Council can have up to 50 members. Membership is composed of persons living with HIV/AIDS, service providers, and governmental representatives. Council members serve a two-year term with the opportunity to be reappointed for a second two-year term.

Planning Council Members
Michelle Bacon
Katrina Balovlenkov, MSW
Matthew Baney
Fay Barret
Lisa Best
Jan Carl Park, Governmental Co-chair
H. Daniel Castellanos, Ph.D.
Carrie Davis
Maria Diaz
Joan Edwards
Ira Feldman
Billy Fields
Timothy Frasca, MPH
Terry Hamilton
Graham Harriman, MA
John Hellman
Steve Hemraj
Jan Hudis
Christopher Joseph
Hillary Kunins, M.D.
Matthew Lesieur, Community Co-chair
Jesus Maldonado
L. Freddy Molano, M.D
Saul Reyes
John Schoepp
Kimberleigh Smith
Andrea Strauss, MPA
Derrick Weekes, MSA
Lisa Zullig
Asia Betancourt
Mark Brown
Rose Chestnut
Shawn Grant
Bill Gross
Carol Kunzel, PhD
Justin LiGreci
Oscar Lopez
Jeff Natt
Dorella Walters
Becky Fenton