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The City Co-Chair, in consultation with the Community Co-Chair, may designate and determine the size, composition and chairs of all the Planning Council's standing and ad hoc committees (other than the Executive Committee) and work groups subject to the approval of the Planning Council, unless otherwise indicated in these Bylaws. Subject to the descriptions of the committees contained in these Bylaws and any limitations provided by law, each committee will have the authority and responsibilities, and be subject to the restrictions, if any, that are determined by the Planning Council. Each committee shall maintain minutes of its proceedings and shall report to the Planning Council as required by the Planning Council. For each committee, a quorum shall consist of one half of the persons then serving on that committee.

Update to the 2002 Needs Assessment*

Initial Needs Assessment* (929Kb)

Initial Needs Assessment for New York City (2002)
The purpose of the Initial Needs Assessment for New York City (2002) is to define and describe services needs as well as gaps in services for people with HIV disease. This enables planning, priority-setting, and allocation of resources in local communities. In the context of HIV/AIDS funding, one objective of a needs assessment is to assure that Federal CARE Act Title I funding is targeted where it is most needed. HIV/AIDS assessments also draw a comprehensive picture of an area's needs so that all resources can be spent in the most effective manner.

This needs assessment was commissioned by the HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council of New york. The Planning Council uses this needs assessment as the base of evidence to develop a plan consisting of goals, objectives, and mechanisms to monitor the Comprehensive Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS Services 2002-2005. The Planning Council conducts much of the detail work of planning through the Planning and Evaluation Committee, the Executive Committee, Workgroups, additional input from subcommittees, planning groups and the PLWHA Advisory Group.

If you are interested in reviewing the Initial Needs Assessment for New York City (2002), please call (212) 788-2752 to request a copy.

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