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Executive Committee
Below you will find electronic copies* of the following materials:

The Executive Committee shall consist of eighteen (18) Planning Council members including officers of the Planning Council, the chairs of all standing committees, one of the co-chairs of the Planning Council's advisory group of people living with AIDS or HIV, the Planning Council member representing the NYC Department of Health, the Planning Council member representing the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute, and a Tri-County representative. A minimum of 25% of the Executive Committee shall be comprised of Council members who are people living with AIDS or HIV. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the coordination of Council business and decision-making (as authorized by the Council when it is not in session); reviewing and making decisions pertaining to the administration and structure of the Planning Council; reviewing and providing final approval for the annual Title I supplemental application to HRSA; and overall coordination of Council activities with Planning Council staff. The Executive Committee shall report to the full Planning Council.

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