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Finance Committee
As of December 2017, the Finance Committee has been discontinued and its roles and responsibilities have been assumed by the Executive Committee
Below you will find electronic copies* of the following materials:

The committee is charged with getting fiscal information from the grantee, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. When it receives the financial information it then evaluates the fiscal data from the grantee for completeness and accuracy, as well as identifying potential problems in the administration of Title I funds and trends like under-or over-spending. The Committee is also charged with monitoring the administrative mechanism for the timely distribution of Title I funds. The Finance Officer reports back to the entire Planning Council at its monthly meeting.

Committee members are not permitted to miss more than two meetings per year. They are expected to come prepared to meetings and to participate in the Committee's functions, including educating other Council members. Members are expected to work constructively with the grantee, while ensuring the Council is receiving the information it needs to carry out its responsibilities. Finally, a function of the Committee is to vet information that may be unclear, incomplete or inaccurate when it is first submitted. Members are expected to refrain from publicizing the information until this information is presented to the full Council.

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