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Title I Funding
The Ryan White CARE Act is included in the FY2004 Omnibus Bill that is awaiting approval from Congress. The House and Senate are scheduled to meet again on January 20, 2004, at which point the Omnibus bill should be debated and voted upon. Below are figures for the Ryan White CARE Act as reflected in the Omnibus Bill; these figures are subject to change.

  Funding Level, NY (2003) FY 04 Omnibus Bill** National 2005 Request ***
Title I $103.9 million (NYC) $618.693 million $702 million
Title II: Care $ 45.9 million (NYS) $339.067 million $406.86 million
Title II: ADAP $120.5 million (NYS) $753.317 million $1,067.94 million
Title III $21.9 million (NYC) $198.374 million $224.5 million
Title IV $11.7 million (NYC) $73.551 million $101 million
Part F: AETCs $4.5 million (NYC)* $35.549 million $46 million
Part F: Dental Reimbursement $5.6 million (NYC)* $13.405 million $19 million

* Year 2002 data
** FY04 Omnibus Bill - The House and Senate will not vote upon the FY2004 Omnibus Bill until at least January 20, 2003 - numbers from this bill are still subject to change.
***National 2005 Request - These figures, supported by the City of New York, reflect the national appropriations request by various HIV/AIDS advocacy groups, including CAEAR Coalition and AIDS Action (both of which the City of New York is an active member).