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Tri-County Ryan White Part A Steering Committee

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According to the Operating Principles of the Ryan White Title I Steering Committee membership shall include a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 35 voting members, and an unspecified number of non-voting ex-officio members. To the maximum extent possible the membership of the Steering Committee represents the demographics of the communities affected by the HIV epidemic in the Tri-County region and the organizations and entities involved in financing and delivering health care and support services in the region.

Ryan White Part A Steering Committee

Danielle Ahmad
Victor Alvarez
Andrea Beltran-Ruggiero
Lisa Best
Lisa Bucknor
Janet Coleman
Alex Contreras
Maria Diaz (Co-chair)
Dio Dominguez
Maura Donoghue
Mary Grace Ferone
Judith Gago
Alexander Hardman
Graham Harriman (Ex-officio)
Linda Hakim
Peter Laqueur
Victor Martinez
Christopher Oldi
Joe Page
Jan Carl Park
Michael Piazza
Ana Pizarro
Lisa Reid
Susan Mills Richmond
Thomas Seabrook
Danielle Scholar
Kay Scott
Alphonse Simmons
Andrea Straus (Co-chair)
Sharon Thomas
Crystal Watkins
Migdalia Acevedo
Barbara Catena
Saqib Atlaf
Joseph Gressel
Dawn Carney
Julian Palmer